Why the Florida Weave Trellis Works So Well to Support Your Tomato Plants

If you want an easy and inexpensive way to trellis tomatoes (even the unwieldy indeterminate plants), let me introduce you to the Florida weave.

Also known as the basket weave method, it goes up fast and uses everyday supplies you might already have around the yard.

This is the same staking technique that farmers use!

Choose your stakes


Start with sturdy stakes at least 6 to 7 feet tall.


Install the stakes

Center a stake between each plant and drive it 12 inches into the ground using a sledgehammer or T-post driver.

Choose your twine


Use a durable, weather-resistant twine that doesn’t stretch too much, like tomato twine (a 3-ply jute works well) or synthetic baler twine.

Create the “weave”


Starting about 8 inches above the ground, tie one end of the twine on the stake. Loop the twine across the back of the tomato plant, bring it around the front of the second plant, then behind the third plant.


When you reach the last stake, loop the twine around the stake in a figure-8, making sure the twine grips the stake and the line is taut, but not pulling too tightly to damage your tomato stems.

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