Visual Guide to 32 Types of Green Caterpillars in Your Garden

Green caterpillars are one of the most recognizable (and often unwanted) visitors to your garden, and are often found munching on the leaves of various ornamental and edible plants, shrubs, and trees.

For the most part, caterpillars are harmless to humans but some may cause skin irritations when touched, or even spit acid in defense!

So, it’s a good idea to identify any green caterpillar first before attempting to hand-pick it.

Diamondback moth caterpillar


It has a pale green body, five pairs of prolegs (with the back pair forming a V shape at the rear), and a black or brown head. The body is covered in tiny white spots with black spiny hairs coming out of them.

Dragonhead caterpillar  (dragon-headed caterpillar)


This distinctive caterpillar has a slug-shaped, dark green body covered in a layer of spines and white and yellow stripes, often with a decorative curl on the end.

Emperor moth caterpillar


Like most caterpillars, the emperor moth caterpillar changes color with each instar, becoming progressively greener with fine, spiky black hairs that protrude from wort-like projections all over the body.

Fall webworm


Its body is usually a shade of green with a hint of yellow, with long, thin spines that stick out over the entire surface. It is furry to the touch due to these fine hairs but is entirely harmless.

Green cloverworm


Green cloverworms have slender, pale green bodies with one or two white stripes extending down each side, and three pairs of prolegs in the middle of their bodies.

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