Safe and Effective Ways to Combat Aphids in an Organic Garden

Aphids are one of the most devastating pests in the garden, but you can get rid of them without nasty chemicals by using physical controls, trap crops, and beneficial flowers.

Try one of these safe and simple methods at home to kill aphids in your garden, prevent plant lice from coming back, and control ants (which appear when aphids are on the rise).

Prevention is easier than intervention, but it’s possible to get rid of aphids permanently without nasty chemicals.


Aphids especially hate the strong scent of marigolds and catnip, so they make great companion plants for valuable crops you’re trying to protect.

Grow plants with natural pest-repelling properties around your yard.


Plant a trap crop to attract aphids.

Good trap crops for aphids include nasturtiums, calendula, and nettles. Once the aphids swarm these sacrificial plants, pull them up and throw them in the trash.


The water will also rinse some of the “honeydew” off and prevent an ant infestation at the same time.

Use a strong spray of water to knock aphids off your plants.

Use insecticidal soap to naturally kill aphids.


Make sure you only use insecticidal soap where you see aphid colonies—typically on the undersides of leaves—and not resort to spraying the entire plant.


The rock is easily crumbled into a fine white powder that’s harmless to humans (so long as one takes ordinary precautions against excess inhalation) but deadly to pests like aphids.

Lightly dust your plants with diatomaceous earth.

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