You likely already know that you can compost most kitchen scraps: eggshells, vegetable peels, spoiled fruit, and the odds and ends from your crisper bin.

And technically, you can compost any organic material out there… but I’m not going to list some of the stranger stuff you may have heard about, because let’s face it, are you really going to compost your nail clippings or shed dog fur?

Here’s a practical list of items around the house that will break down easily in your compost bin and make rich, nutritious compost for your garden.

Leftover beer from parties


Now you can’t be too mad at your friends! The yeast makes beer a good compost activator, but only add enough liquid to keep your compost moist, not soggy.

Wine past its prime


If you don’t want to turn it into vinegar, add a small amount to your compost pile—it’s another good compost activator.

Paper coffee filters and tea bags


Tear the used coffee filters apart first, and make sure to remove any staples from your used tea bags before putting them in your compost.

Paper towels and napkins


Just don’t add paper materials that have grease on them, since they can attract varmints.

Human urine


Human urine is high in nitrogen as well as phosphorus and potassium, and, well—it can be delivered in a form that’s perfect for assimilation.

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