New to Garden Betty?

New to Garden Betty?

Hi there! I’m Linda Ly, also known around here as the Garden Betty. I started my site in September 2010 after moving from the urban jungle to coastal suburbia. It was quite a culture shock, but I somehow managed to keep my garden alive, season after season — and wrote about all the trials and tribulations since sowing my very first seed. You can read more about my garden and what I grow.

In addition to growing food, I blog about making food. Most of my recipes are based on the bounty from your own backyard harvest (or your CSA box), and you might be surprised by what you can actually use from your plants! (Like the seed pods from your radishes, for instance.)

In fact, it was this curiosity in the garden (and an adventurous appetite) that led to my first book, The CSA Cookbook (Voyageur Press), due out March 2015.

Somewhere along the line, I started raising backyard chickens. I still can’t believe I have them. All day long they free-range the way chickens were meant to free-range: out on a pasture, pecking and scratching at the “salad bar” I grow for them. This all coming from someone who could barely keep basil alive on her windowsill just a few years ago! (So have faith if you think you have a black thumb. As I like to say now… There are no black thumbs, only green thumbs in training.)

As you might have guessed, I like to spend a lot of time outside — and that leads to all the adventures you read about here. I surf, stand-up paddle, ski, snowboard, climb, kayak, backpack, camp, and occasionally mountain bike (that one I’m still learning!). There’s no outdoor thrill I won’t try. I love to travel for adventure and if I’m not outside, doing something, I’m in the car, going somewhere.

I have a second seaside abode (also known as the Dream Boat) in Mexico and started documenting our off-grid renovation. It is a labor of love.

I post a lot of stories each month on a variety of things, so here’s a rundown of what I do and where to start:

What topics do you write about?
I write about my Garden of Eatin’, Backyard Chickens, Recipe Box, Outdoor Adventures, and going Off-Grid in Mexico. This is why I write about my garden.

What are your most popular posts?
These change every season, but currently people are really liking Garden Betty’s Homemade Whole Grain Chicken Feed, Freezing Fresh Lemon Slices, Lemon Juice and Lemon Zest, Southern Sweet Tea With a Secret Ingredient, Broccoli Leaves Are Edible, and How to Make Recycled Newspaper Pots for Seed Starting.

What are your favorite posts?
I love to share unusual and uncommon knowledge, so some of my personal favorites are Eat Your Greens? It’s In Your Genes, Getting Stoned on Soil, Tomato Leaves: The Toxic Myth, Are Carrot Tops Toxic? (The Short Answer: No), and A Banana Plant Is an Herb (Or, Little Known Banana Facts).

At the moment, my favorite recipes are Grapefruit Guacamole, Slow Cooker Vietnamese Pulled Pork Tacos (As I Like to Call Them, Bánh Mì Tacos!), Ruby Kraut (and Why It’s So Good For You), Carrot Top Salsa, and Rosemary Lemonade.

And hands down, my favorite adventures are my first wedding, which you can read about at My Wedding Weekend Getaway (Part I) and My Wedding Weekend Getaway (Part II), and my second wedding (same husband, two ceremonies), which I’ve written about at Quintessential SoCal: Surfing and Snowboarding in the Same Day. (And if you’re curious, A Peak Proposal was the start of it all.)

How do I find a specific post or topic?
Most of my posts are organized into the six main headings of my site. But not all of them are listed under those headings, as I try to include only the most relevant or popular posts. The best way to search for something is by entering the appropriate keywords into the search box (over there in the right sidebar).

You can also click on one of the topics (to your left) or tags (to your right), or use the drop-down menu to select a month from the archive. The monthly archive displays every single post ever written, so if you have some time on your hands, you can start from the very beginning and work your way forward.

To make sure you never miss a post, simply subscribe to my site and any new posts will be automatically emailed to you.

Thanks for reading Garden Betty. Settle in, make yourself a lavender lemonade, and wander for a while!


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