About my garden

My Garden

An exhaustive list of anything and everything edible growing in my garden!

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 10b
Sunset Climate Zone 24

This is an up-to-date list that will change by season, and sometimes several times a season. My vegetables rotate among 18 or so raised beds, ranging in size from 2×4 to 4×8, and my herbs are scattered throughout several small beds and containers. Most of my kitchen garden is grown on approximately 4,500 square feet of terraced garden plots, and another 3,500 square feet of my yard is dedicated to fruit trees and shrubs, plumerias, flowers, beneficial plants, a cactus garden, a multi-bin composting area, and my tiki coop. It’s all slightly chaotic but feels very peaceful at the same time.

I like “ugly” vegetables, and vegetables in unconventional colors. If it comes in purple, especially, I have to grow it! I like odd-looking things with warts, scars and cracks — what I see as beautiful features but others may find as flaws. I seek out rare seeds, exotic varieties from other countries, and plants you’ve probably never heard of — and neither did I, until I started growing them.

All of my vegetables, and most of my flowers and herbs, are grown from seed. I save my favorites in old ammo boxes stashed in the closet.

A majority of my seeds come from the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, but there are many other suppliers doing wonderful work in seed saving. I always advocate for supporting your local small seed house or seed library whenever possible. Here’s a post I wrote on why I love heirloom seeds.


Artichoke (Purple of Romagna)
Beet (Chioggia)
Bok Choy (Prize Choy)
Broccoli (Early Purple Sprouting)
Brussels Sprouts (Long Island Improved)
Cabbage (Mammoth Red Rock)
Cabbage, Chinese (Bekana)
Carrot (Atomic Red)
Carrot (Lunar White)
Celery (Giant Red Re-Selection)
Chard (Five-Color Silverbeet)
Chard (MacGregor’s Favorite)
Collard (Champion)
Eggplant (Ping Tung)
Escarole (Great Batavian)
Kale (Red Ursa)
Kale (Russian Frills)
Kale (Scarlet)
Kale (Tronchuda)
Lettuce (Farmers’ Market Mix)
Lettuce (Forellenschluss)
Lettuce (Rocky Top Mix)
Mache (Baron)
Mizuna (Red Streaked)
Okra (Red Burgundy)
Pea (Blue-Podded Blauwschokkers)
Pea (Little Snowpea White)
Pepper, Hot (Fish)
Pepper, Hot (Pasilla Bajio)
Pepper, Hot (Pimiento de Padron)
Pepper, Hot (Red Mushroom)
Pepper, Hot (Serrano Tampequino)
Pepper, Hot (Tam Jalapeño)
Pepper, Sweet (Corno di Toro Giallo)
Pepper, Sweet (King of the North)
Pepper, Sweet (Midnight Dreams)
Pepper, Sweet (Ozark Giant)
Pepper, Sweet (Violet Sparkle)
Radish, Daikon (Bora King)
Radish, Spring (Opolanka)
Radish, Spring (Pink Beauty)
Radish, Winter (Chinese Green Luobo)
Radish, Winter (Chinese Red Meat)
Spinach (Verdil)
Tomato (Copia)
Tomato (Duggin White)
Tomato (Green Doctors)
Tomato (Paul Robeson)
Tomato (Pink Accordion)
Tomatillo (Purple)
Turnip (Hinona Kabu)
Turnip (Red Round)


Blueberry (Misty)
Blueberry (Peach Sorbet)
Blueberry (Pink Lemonade)
Blueberry (Sunshine Blue)
Grape (Autumn Royal)
Grape (Fantasy)
Grape (Thompson Seedless)
Grapefruit (Marsh White)
Lemon (Eureka)
Lime (Australian Finger)
Lime (Bearss)
Lime (Kaffir)
Orange (Mandarin)
Orange (Moro Blood)
Orange (Valencia)
Raspberry (Raspberry Shortcake)
Strawberry (Sequoia)
Strawberry (Tristan)
Strawberry (Yellow Wonder)


Anise Hyssop
Basil (African Blue)
Basil (Genovese)
Bloody Dock
Chives (Garlic)
Chives (Common)
Dill (Greensleeves)
Lavender (English)
Lavender (French)
Lemon Verbena
Lime Balm
Marjoram (Sweet)
Mint (Applemint)
Mint (Chocolate)
Mint (Orange)
Mint (Spearmint)
Mint (Strawberry)
Oregano (Greek)
Parsley (Giant of Italy)
Parsley (Moss Curled)
Rosemary (Huntington Carpet)
Rosemary (Tuscan Blue)
Sage (Berggarten)
Sage (Purple)
Salad Burnet
Savory (Winter)
Tarragon (French)
Thyme (Lemon)
Tía Tô (Vietnamese perilla)
Wild Zaatar


Broccoli Brassica Blend

Edible Flowers

Calendula (Pacific Beauty Mix)

Chicken Salad Bar

(This is a forage “pasture” grown in a raised bed next to my tiki coop, exclusively for my chickens to eat)

Wood sorrel