What’s in my garden.

An exhaustive list of anything and everything edible growing in my garden!

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 6b (but more accurately in a zone 4 microclimate)
Sunset Climate Zone 1A

This is an up-to-date list that will change by season, and sometimes several times a season.

In October 2017, I moved from Coastal Southern California (USDA Zone 10b, Sunset Climate Zone 24) to Central Oregon, going from a year-round gardening climate to one whose growing season might extend to 90 days, if I’m lucky!

I left behind a quarter-acre urban farm in Los Angeles, where I gardened for seven years, and am currently designing and building a new garden (to include a vegetable plot, orchard, food forest, off-grid greenhouse, and chicken run) on our new property in Bend.

It’s been a wildly interesting and exciting journey as I navigate gardening in a new climate, learn new ways of protecting my plants against frost, and fend off new breeds of adorable-sounding garden pests (like wild rabbits and yellow-bellied marmots).

I like “ugly” vegetables and vegetables in unconventional colors. If it comes in purple, especially, I have to grow it! I like odd-looking things with warts, scars, and cracks — what I see as beautiful features but others may find as flaws. I seek out rare seeds, exotic varieties from other countries, and plants you’ve probably never heard of — and neither did I, until I started growing them.

All of my vegetables, and most of my flowers and herbs, are grown from seed. I save my favorites in old ammo boxes stashed in the closet.

Most of my seeds come from the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, but there are many other growers doing wonderful work in seed saving. I always advocate for supporting your local small seed company or seed library whenever possible. Here’s a post I wrote on why I love heirloom seeds, and these are my favorite seed catalogs


With the build of my new garden, I won’t be growing much for the time being. Stay tuned as the year progresses for updates on the layout and design!

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Apple (Braeburn)
Apple (Fuji)
Apple (Gala)
Apple (Honeycrisp)
Apple (McIntosh)
Asian Pear (20th Century)
Asian Pear (Chojuro)
Asian Pear (Hosui)
Asian Pear (Shinseiki)
Lime (Australian Finger)
Lime (Bearss)
Lime (Kaffir)
Orange (Moro Blood)
Pear (Bartlett)
Pear (Comice)
Pear (Red Bartlett)
Pear (Summercrisp)
Strawberry (Quinalt)
Strawberry (Seascape)


Basil (African Blue)