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The National Parks Cookbook by Linda Ly

My new book is here! Feast on the flavors of the national parks.

From Acadia’s famous popovers to Zion’s Navajo tacos, my newest book features 70+ recipes you can easily make at home.

Relive childhood memories by recreating signature recipes from your favorite national park lodges and restaurants, discover regional dishes steeped in history, and let the local flora and fauna inspire your cooking.

This is a book that brings the smells and flavors of the parks to life—wherever you may be—and has you dreaming of all the places you want to visit!

Get those hard hats on.

The start of the new decade is also the start of our biggest adventure yet: building our family’s first home from the ground up.

Follow along as Garden Betty Builds a House and learn how we’re planning, designing, and constructing our dream home and dream garden—in real time—in Central Oregon.

Garden Betty Builds a House
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Linda Ly

Do you love the simple life as much as I do?

You know, a life where good friends, great food, and playing in the dirt are the keys to happiness. A life where the beauty and pleasure of growing something yourself is the thing that fills your cup, daily.

Hi, I’m Linda. I’m all about that, too. And my passion is getting people just like us outside, every day, to feel the thrill of self-sufficiency—even if they live in the city—and experience all the wild things that life has to offer.

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Grow more food with less work.

Lazy Gardening Academy is the culmination of over 12 years of tried, true, and improved “lazy gardening” techniques that help you maximize your garden with a minimum of effort.

Ready to get more out of your garden this year?

Linda Ly teaches her techniques in Lazy Gardening Academy

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