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Shower Cap As Kitchen Tool

The lowly shower cap, elevated to kitchen essential

You may be wondering what a drawer full of shower caps has to do with gardening. Well… nothing, actually.

But in my kitchen, the lowly shower cap (procured from many a hotel stay) ranks right up there with wooden spoons and measuring cups as one of my most-used tools.

I substitute my shower cap for plastic wrap, as it’s much more user-friendly (no more wrangling impossible sticky wrap from the box!) and a single cap can be saved and reused countless times. I’ve wrapped leftovers in rectangular roasting dishes and stretched the shower cap over colanders to keep my garden harvests fresh. I’ve even used it to cover the smoke detector when I’m cooking up a Cajun blackened hot mess (umm, not that I’ve ever burned anything…).

Substitute a shower cap for sticky plastic wrap

Substitute a shower cap for sticky plastic wrap

Who would’ve thought? The cheap, flimsy, ugly shower cap, elevated to kitchen essential for those in the know.

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