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  • Gemma at one day old.

    Here’s to the First Year

    Above: Gemma at one day old. Every morning, I take the first nap with the baby. I always wake up an hour before she starts stirring, but rather than getting up and…

  • Gemma at one day old

    Four Months, Four Thoughts

    Above: Gemma at one day old. I feel like I just wrote this post, yet here I am with a post about my four-month-old. Four months old! Officially out of the “fourth…

  • Welcome home, Gemma Lumen

    Welcome Home, Gemma Lumen

    For months I eagerly anticipated meeting the little one, and true to her nickname, Sprout β€” our darling Gemma Lumen β€” arrived on March 20, the first day of spring, after almost…

  • Thoughts on impending parenthood

    Thoughts on Impending Parenthood

    I can’t quite believe that we’re a week away, more or less, from meeting our little Sprout. Nine months certainly fly by before you know it… three seasons of gardening, three trimesters…

  • Our Southern California baby shower

    Our Southern California Baby Shower

    I really can’t express it enough. Will and I are ridiculously lucky to have the people in our lives that we do. We’re not the first ones in our group to have…

  • Hello Sprout

    Hello Sprout

    After gestating the “baby” that was my book all of last year and the ensuing book tour this year… I’m thrilled to say another baby is on the way. A souvenir from…