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A Typical Day in My New Life

Before moving into our micro farm by the sea, my typical day consisted of this: Wake up in “the cave” (an affectionate term for the windowless bedroom walled off with corrugated metal in our loft), stroll down the hallway to make a cup of coffee, sit down in front of the computer to tackle the day’s emails, go out to lunch, check off some errands, back to the loft to work, cook dinner, more emails, Netflix with the hunny. Next day, rinse and repeat.

Nowadays, in My New Life, I’ve fallen into a calming rhythm at the homestead that varies day by day. Wake up to birds chirping, sunlight filtering in through my windows; sit on the patio with coffee and homemade jam smothered on homemade toast; stroll through the garden, water my plants; bring in a basket or two of the day’s harvest; check emails from the porch with the pretty ocean view; check the waves and the tide, maybe surf; continue one of many house projects; make some tasty meals from the day’s harvest; swing in my hammock, make some calls; run around for errands and chores; take my pugs for a sunset stroll on the beach; and work in the evening until it’s time to soak in the hot tub with a beer.

House project

I gotta say, I’m rather fancying My New Life. It’s not dictated by routine. It’s not set on autopilot. I just do what I feel like doing that day, and somehow, it all balances out with the things that I need to do. I never feel like there weren’t enough hours in the day, because I get to enjoy all 24 hours of it. I actually feel… productive. Even when I’m simply doing “nothing.”

And depending on the weather, surfing, snowboarding, climbing, kayaking, or hiking also go into the mix… but since moving into the new pad, my summer has been consumed by jaunts to Home Depot and Target while we dial in the house.

The local surf breaks don’t get consistent good swells until winter, so that still gives me plenty of time to finish our home projects and scope out the secret spots in the new ‘hood. And yes, they do exist… rare for a place like LA!

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