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Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Giveaway Winner

Whew! A whopping 767 comments later, my very first giveaway on the blog has come to a successful close. But before we get to the winner, can I just say how much you guys all rock?!

I am floored by the incredible response! I read every. single. entry posted in the giveaway last week, and was so inspired by all your comments on your favorite seeds from Baker Creek. I actually went back to their site countless times to look up all the neat varieties mentioned! Pink banana. Orangeglo watermelonBhut Jolokia pepper. (Did you know that’s one of the world’s hottest peppers, clocking in at more than 1,000,000 Scoville units?!) If you want motivation to grow something new this season, the comments are well worth going through.

I wish I could give each one of you a bucket of seeds because I’m beyond thrilled to see so many other garden lovers out there. But, there can only be one winner chosen by my randomizer. And that winner is…

Kim R. from California

Here’s what Kim said in her entry:

Violet Jasper Tomato looks like a great variety to try! Or Southern Night tomato… They all look so good!!! Or any of the Cherokees… Yummo!

Congratulations Kim! I think you’ll have more than enough tomato seeds to try for years to come! Enjoy your goodies — they’re on the way.

Thank you to all my awesome readers, new and old, for making this giveaway a super fun success!

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