I'll be wandering the National Heirloom Exposition this Thursday!
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I’ll Be Wandering the National Heirloom Exposition This Thursday!

Hi friends! I am pretty psyched to confirm this — I’ll be making my way up north to the National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa this Thursday, September 11!

I’ve wanted to go to this expo for a few years now. It’s put on by the great people at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (where I get most of my seeds) and has grown to become quite an impressive event since their first in 2011 — the “world’s pure food fair,” as they call it.

What will you find there? Thousands (!!!) of varieties of fruits and vegetables on display (their tower o’ squash is infamous!), plant nurseries and seed purveyors, poultry and livestock exhibits, biodynamic demonstration gardens, natural food vendors and farmers’ market, an exhibit hall with hundreds of vendors, and a full line-up of speakers speaking on a range of topics from food politics to urban gardening. And tons, tons more (literally… you’ll find me geeking out at the giant pumpkin contest).

With so much to see and do, I’ll be there when the doors open. If you see me wandering around the fairgrounds, feel free to walk up and introduce yourself!

If you’re a current or potential sponsor, partner, or other business hoping to connect, drop me an email or a tweet before or during the event. I would love to meet in person and put some faces to the names I know!

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