The New Camp Cookbook Is One of Amazon’s “Best Cookbooks of the Month”

The New Camp Cookbook Is One of Amazon's "Best Cookbooks of the Month"

Friends, ever since The New Camp Cookbook came out a couple weeks ago, it’s been a wild ride.

I attended the American Library Association’s annual conference in Chicago as a featured author with Quarto Publishing. That place (my first time being there) was my dream audience! I made the Stovetop Skillet Pizza with Fresh Corn, Tomato, Prosciutto, and Pesto (from page 143 of my book) on the ALA Demonstration Stage to a room full of food and outdoor lovers.

Cooking up a stovetop skillet pizza on the ALA Demonstration Stage

Let me tell you… If I can make the dough from scratch in my tiny hotel room the night before, store it in the tiny mini bar fridge until the next morning, then cook that pizza on a tiny, uneven burner in a convention hall that afternoon, you can make that same recipe anywhere, on any cheap camp stove! (And you probably won’t have TSA eyeing you suspiciously as you go through security at the airport with a cast-iron pan, mixing bowls, measuring cups, and tongs packed in your carryon bag.)

Here’s a shot from my Saturday night in the hotel, kneading dough by hand while marathoning HGTV shows. Such is the glamorous life of a cookbook author. Ha!

Making pizza dough in my hotel room

After doling out pizza samples from the stage, I sat at the signing table, where a long line of book folks were waiting with big smiles on their faces. It was truly a pleasure to meet so many enthusiastic and excellent librarians at a single event, and I loved chatting with everybody about their summer vacation plans, which included — you guessed it — road-tripping and car camping!

Some of the librarians were also Scout leaders, wilderness guides, park volunteers, or lifelong outdoorsmen, so there were plenty of tips to be traded. I ended up signing so many books after my cooking demo that my marker ran out of ink! (A great way to end an event, if you ask me.)

Presenting at the American Library Association's annual conference in Chicago

Once home, I was met with more great news: The New Camp Cookbook was/is not only a #1 New Release on Amazon, but also a #1 Bestseller for nearly two weeks and one of the “Best Cookbooks of the Month,” per Amazon’s Editors’ Picks! (Insert happy dance here!)

This past weekend, I stopped by my local Barnes & Noble and spotted mentions of my book in the July/August 2017 issue of Country Living Magazine (in a feature about “tips, tricks, and tactics for life in the not-so wild”) and the July 10, 2017 issue of Time Magazine (in a roundup of “coffee-table lit and cookbooks so sumptuous, it calls for a reading staycation”).

I’ve also started seeing some fabulous posts on Instagram of recipes made from my book. I am seriously psyched on all of those! If you’ve dished up some food from The New Camp Cookbook recently, please tag me @gardenbetty or hashtag #thenewcampcookbook on IG, Facebook, or Twitter — I’d love to see your shares!

Good eats from my Instagram feed, all from The New Camp Cookbook

In case you missed my last post with sneak peeks from the book, you can check it out here.

The New Camp Cookbook is available wherever books are sold:

For all orders outside of North America, Book Depository offers free worldwide shipping!

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