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Garden Betty is one of the leading home/garden and adventure/recreation sites in the outdoor living sphere. Readership stems from a loyal longtime audience, active social presence, organic search traffic, and features in popular media worldwide.

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Stats at a glance

  • 416K pageviews per month
  • 276K unique visitors per month
  • 16K email subscribers
  • 27K social followers
  • 1.6M Pinterest views per month
  • 4:11 average time on page
  • 55 Domain Authority (per Moz.com)
  • 53 Domain Rating (per Ahrefs.com)

Stats are accurate as of July 22, 2020.

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Meet Linda Ly

I’m a writer, online entrepreneur, and top-of-mind expert and brand in my field. (Learn more about my experience.) I’ve been featured in many major publications, including The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, Outside, Food & Wine, Food52, HGTV, DIY Network, Travel Channel, and Mother Earth News.

Garden Betty has been honored as the Best Gardening Blog by Country Living and a Top 10 Gardening Blog by Better Homes and Gardens

I love working with companies that align with the Garden Betty ethos, and connecting them with my readers through authentic stories, engaging projects, and creative brand integrations.

My 20-year experience and laser focus in SEO-driven content means your brand and messaging will be seen again and again, long after its initial publish date.

By partnering with Garden Betty, you can reach out to our community of hip homemakers, modern homesteaders, nature lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts, all while supporting the content that keeps them coming back.

I currently work with sponsors and advertisers in the following ways.

Sponsored content

If you want to promote your product or service in the main content of the blog and across my social channels, there are many ways we can work together! From project tutorials and original videos to maker tours and brand ambassadorships, let’s dream up a compelling, branded evergreen campaign that meets your marketing goals.

Past collaborations include 3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose Oil, Avocado Green Mattress, Ball Canning, Greenwood Nursery, Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing, Discover Lancaster, and Kia Motors USA.

Sponsored newsletters

If you’re interested in sponsorship on a smaller scale but a more direct level — straight to the inboxes of my loyal subscribers — I offer limited opportunities to get your name and message out to an engaged email list. Only one sponsor is accepted per newsletter, ensuring high visibility.

I do not accept text links, guest posts, or sponsored posts written by third parties.

To get started, tell me about your company and what you’re looking to do in an email to advertise@gardenbetty.com.

Please note: To maintain the editorial integrity of Garden Betty, all sponsorships are disclosed within the text of the content in which they appear. This assures my readership that I made an ethical decision to collaborate with a brand that I believe would be a great fit for the site, and adheres to my policy of only promoting a product or service that I would seek out and personally use. (Read more on my advertising policies.)

Thank you for considering Garden Betty in your marketing efforts! I am thankful to all the sponsors, advertisers, and readers who support my site.

Linda Ly